Registered Patent Agent, USPTO 

Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering & An Experienced Inventor

  • Twelve Patents/Patent Applications Solo and Team

  • IP Strategy, Inventions, and Patent  Applications

  • Five Years Inventive Work for Two Large Companies

Twelve Years Experience as a Patent Agent 

  • First Time Inventors, Small Businesses, and Large Companies

Experienced Engineer

  • 25+ Years Engineering, Many Technical Fields

Practice Areas / Examples

  • Mechanical such as Metal Processing, Oilfield, Power Generation, Nuclear Power, Combustion Systems, Toys, Consumer Products, Sanitary Products, Cleaning

  • Electrical such as Printed Circuit Boards, Manufacturing Designs, Consumer Products, Industrial Designs, Wind Generation

  • Chemical such as Polymers, Cleaning Systems, Water Supply Systems & Treatment Systems

  • Software such asWeb Based Software Systems, Database Management, Social Media

  • Industrial Control Systems such as Programming Logic Systems, "Chip on a Board", Computer Control, Robotic Control

Sample Patent Work (Recent)

Design Patents:

D806,999 Extension Cord Connector Lock

D806,999 Toe Spacer with Magnet Cap for Decorative Items

D803,653 Rotary Cleaning Tool for Hardened surfaces

D791,471 Cane tip for the blind
D775,235 Water pump mounting plate
D772,036 Fireman Door Hinge Removal Tool 
D767,918 Portable Paper Towel Holder
D762,351 Sun Cover Attachment for a Hat
D747,867 Shock Absorber Cane
D723,643 Skateboard propelling assist pole 
D722,113 Vending machine container for mobile phone accessories 
D720,383 Speargun Camera Holder Assembly
D673,840 Twist in shelving support bracket arm and support assembly 
D671,308 Attachable ground surface stabilization plate for a cane 

Utility Patents:

US 9,891,028 Shooting Game for Multiple Players with Dynamic Shot Position Recognition ...

US 9,871,977 Mobile Photography Studio for Improved Vehicle Photography Suitable for ...

US 9,684,189 Adornment Assembly for a Wearable Item
US 9,631,546 Water pump adaptor plates in a coolant assembly
US 9,630,680 Two Speed Bicycle Transmission Where Pedaling Backward Inherently Provides ...
US 9,560,431 Digital Audio Beverage Holder
US 9,426,077 Method to improve quality of service for real time Internet applications
US 9,352,642 Vehicle Sun Cover
US 9,120,240 Fruit and Vegetable Decorative Cutting Device
US 9,120,134 Methods of Shifting and Bending Rolls in a Rolling Mill
US 9,003,854 Split housing cluster mill designed for temper and cold rolling
US 8,929,226 Smart Routing for Voice Over Internet Protocol
US 8,919,225 Adjustable Socket for a Ratchet Wrench
US 8,877,047 Drag Pool Mesh Skimmer
US 8,523,019 Combination aerator, pourer, preserver, and stopper for a container
US 8,517,037 Elevated living space assembly 
US 8,504,466 Computerized auction software method for providing a discount off a high bid before a bid is placed 
US 8,554,953 Advanced logic system diagnostics and monitoring 
US 8,573,773 Sweatband eyewear holder for a hat
US 8,596,168 Open End Ratcheting Wrench